Learning as an Adult

Our aim for Margate Made is that people will visit the event, see and buy some unique affordable locally made work, talk directly to the makers and get inspired by trying their hand at one of the planned activities.

We’re really excited by the range and choice of activities available for people to try, and it’s all free!

Antoinette Gilbert works at Kent Adult Education in Learner Support and here’s her take on learning as an adult.

Learning as an an adult is so much more fun than at school. I think the key to this is choice.

One highlight for me in learning as an adult has been learning British Sign Language (Level 1) with adult education and becoming part of the deaf community. Being able to greet learners, parents, carers and have a basic conversation is an amazing feeling. My children love to sign and take part in sign2sing every year at school.

Over the last few years I have been lucky enough to have singing lessons and develop (excuse the pun) my love of photography, my eldest daughter shares this too.

I would love, one day, to do a silversmithing course, Tai Chi and gain a qualification in Counselling. For now I’ll focus on finishing my Certificate in Management studies and whilst it isn’t as fun as other endeavours, I’ve met some wonderful people along the way. Which afterall, is what Lifelong Learning is all about.

The more I learn as an adult the more I can relate to the people I meet professionally that we offer learning support to.

The advice I give is try to balance the learning that you would love to do with practicality.

There is more financial help out there than people realise and people don’t always want to ask, but they must!

I see everything I learn as transferable.

And lastly: question, question, question!

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  1. I wholly believe in what you are saying Antoinette, studying, learning other skills in life makes you more fulfilled in life, enjoying life and with others, helps you talking to others.


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