The Get Together event

Last Thursday evening (28th June) we had our Pre Event Get Together, at the Adult Education Centre in Margate, where the Margate Made event will take place on Saturday 14th July. Makers and organisers got together to chat, exchange ideas and to see where the market will take place.

It was a great evening! Firstly, we had some drinks and chatted a bit. We then had a discussion on the importance of social media for the Margate Made event, and the makers own businesses, and also how they use social media and websites;  we got some useful tips about Instagram. (By the way follow us @margatemade on Instagram)

After that, makers, organisers and volunteers had a tour around the Adult Education Centre, seeing all the rooms where the stalls will be located. We learned that this amazing building was an Art College before, the perfect location for a Maker’s Event!

Later we had more time to talk and to learn more about each other. We played a game chatting with someone we had never met before, we followed some interesting questions which helped to break the ice and made the conversation funnier, deeper and better. Some of the questions were: Use 3 sentences to describe your job/creative work. What advice was given to you that you would pass on to someone else?

While we were chatting Gem Blastock, who is a Margate Made stall holder, gave us a taster of her screen printing activity that she’s running at the event, we all had a go printing.

Finally, we had a very enriching conversation about pricing and presentation. The makers exchange very valuable ideas for putting a stall together, and they shared their knowledge and experiences about pricing their products.

We all said goodbye very happy and super motivated for the big day. We can’t wait to see everybody there again for our first Margate Made event.

Hope to see you there too!!

Here are some pics of our evening


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