Svenja Schaper & Szilvia Feher

Svenja and Szilvi will be offering Shiatsu chair massage taster treatments during the day

Svenja Schaper
Shiatsu Moving Touch

Shiatsu practitioner providing 1:1 healing body work treatments including babies, children and adults.

I also offer Japanese Facial Rejuvenation treatments.

I am a shiatsu teacher for the British School of Shiatsu-Do and I am a Samurai Programme trainer.

Samurai Shiatsu is a structured self-help programme teaching children and families to give Shiatsu to each other, embedded in Japanese culture and language.

Shiatsu is about releasing stress patterns (physical and emotional) and my focus is particularly on women’s health and emotional, mental well-being through Shiatsu treatments and running self-care workshops.

Svenja will be running a Samurai Shiatsu activity for children and families.


Szilvi Fehér